Teresa Tarrago at “Preferències” radio program

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Last 20th of February, Teresa Tarragó, CEO of Iproteos, together with Ignasi Belda, General Director of Barcelona Science Park participated at the radio program named “Preferències” at Radio 4. In a monthly basis, the program covers innovative and scientific issues with Ignasi Belda along with a special guest part of the Barcelona Science Park community.

Last edition of the radio talk show addressed the research that Iproteos is conducting at the cognition symptoms of schizophrenia.  Currently, the most advanced project of Iproteos, that targets Cognitive Impairment Associated with Schizophrenia (CIAS), is at GLP preclinical stage, and phase 1 clinical trials are planned for 2019.

Nowadays, more than 40 million people worldwide suffer Schizophrenia. Patients have difficulties to make daily tasks, and specific drugs are required to treat cognitive deficiency.

A special remark was given in the radio program to the hurdles of finding drugs able to reach the brain. This organ is protected by the blood brain barrier, a highly selective semipermeable membrane that protects the brain. Biotechnological companies work hard every day to find solutions to resolve CNS diseases, and Iproteos is committed to find a novel treatment for CIAS.

You can listen the postcast here (catalan):


And you can enjoy the program at Radio4 website:



Ignasi Belda and Teresa Tarragó on air (Photo: PCB communication department).

From left to right, Ignasi Belda (General Director of PCB), José María Carrasco (Presenter of Preferències) and Teresa Tarragó (CEO of Iproteos) (Photo: PCB communication department).