Review on the modulation of protein-protein interactions by peptides

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Ernest Giralt, co-founder of Iproteos and SAB chairman, together with Laura Nevola, IRB Barcelona research associate, have just published a review entitled “Modulating protein-protein interactions: the potential of peptides”. The article, released today 16th of January on Chemical Communications, covers the latest progress in the use of peptides as therapeutics. Peptides have not been totally exploited as drugs because of their poor in vivo stability and their inappropriate ADME properties. However, there are nowadays several strategies in order to overcome these obstacles. The authors go over alpha-helix and beta-hairpin stabilized peptides, bicyclic peptides, beta-peptides and peptoids, photo-switchable inhibitors of PPIs, in silico screening, fragment-based discovery and phage, ribosome and mRNA display. Besides they describe a set of techniques for the evaluation of peptide-protein binding, such as FP, NMR or SPR. Giving a global and up-to-date vision, it is a must-read for everybody involved in this field.