MMP inhibition and BBB permeability at the Dutch Neuroscience Meeting

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Our colleagues from the Department of Pathology from the Academisch Medisch Centrum (Universiteit van Amsterdam) are presenting this week their newest work on MMP inhibitors, blood-brain barrier (BBB) integrity and epilepsy during the Dutch Neuroscience Meeting. 

This year, the annual Dutch Neuroscience Meeting (DNM) is being held on 20-21 June. DNM gathers numerous multidisciplinary scientists and clinicians and offers the opportunity to share their research in the neuroscience field. 

The work presented by S.T. Cohen, titled "Inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases in in vitro models of the blood-brain barrier" counts with the participation of Iproteos and is focused on the effects of MMP inhibition in BBB integrity. Results suggest that Iproteos' novel compound might help preserve BBB structure and integrity. It is known that BBB is disrupted in the brains of people living with epilepsy. The study further validates Iproteos efforts to develop a new disease-modifying treatment against epilepsy. 

You can find the presented poster here

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