Iproteos publication at European Neuropsycho- pharmacology

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Iproteos, in collaboration with the group of Prof. Javier Meana, from the University of Basque Country and CIBERSAM, and Prof. Giralt, from IRB Barcelona, has just published an article at European Neuropsychopharmacology. The paper, entitled "The prolyl oligopeptidase inhibitor IPR19 ameliorates cognitive deficits in mouse models of schizophrenia", describes the efficacy of a novel procognitive drug for the treatment of Cognitive Impairment Associated to Schizophrenia (CIAS).

The molecule, a peptidomimetic designed through IPROTech, has proven to revert the cognitive impairment on three schizophrenia mouse models. Besides, the compound is stable, non-toxic and permeable, an important feature given the fact that the molecule has to reach the brain to exert its action.

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