Iproteos at the Boulder Peptide Symposium 2015

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Teresa Tarragó will attend next Boulder Peptide Symposium 2015 (BPS 2015), which will be held in Denver (Colorado) from 28th September to the 1st of October. Her abstract entitled “IPRO Technology: a platform for the discovery of therapeutic peptidomimetics”, has been selected for the Peptide Showcase, an opportunity to expose the latest and novel ideas, technologies and pipeline assets. It supposes an excellent session to highlight the benefits of the IPRO Technology as a scientific tool for the obtaining of novel drugs to be applied in difficult targets, such as protein-protein interactions. The Boulder Peptide Society is a non-profit organization that supports the advance in peptide therapeutics. Every year, the Society organizes the BPS, which gathers together leader scientists in the field of peptides.