Iproteos at BIO-Europe Spring 2017

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Barcelona hosted BIO-Europe Spring 2017, one of the reference events for European biotech and pharma companies. Iproteos not only participated in the partnering, but it also was selected to participate in the Startup Slam, a pitching competition organized by Johnson&Johnson Innovation and EBD Group.

The Startup Slam consisted in a competition where fourteen companies explained in only 3 minutes, their science and business model. Teresa Tarragó described the potential and advantages of IPROTech, the platform for the discovery of potent, selective and cell-permeable peptidomimetics. Dr. Tarragó, stressed the value of IPROTech for the generation of drug candidates able to modulate difficult targets, such as protein-protein interactions (PPIs). Finally, as a case of success, Iproteos CEO mentioned the Schizophrenia project, where the lead candidate is at GLP preclinical phase and has demonstrated preclinical PoC. You can read more on the candidate here.