Interview at "La Vanguardia": "A paper in Nature is still worthier than the creation of a spin-off"

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Teresa Tarragó was interviewed at "La Vanguardia", one of the most relevant newspapers with national print run. The document was published on 26th of November. Our CEO explained that she decided to found Iproteos upon the discovery of a drug candidate with interesting applications for the pharmaceutical industry. This final client needs to have the certainty that the compound has minimum risk, and therefore, expensive experiments are required. For that reason, “a molecule has very little value in a basic research laboratory”, Teresa affirms. She pointed out that the search of funding has entailed a tremendous effort. “It is precisely the lack of biotech-specialized funding entities, the reason why there are few start-ups and spin-offs in Catalonia, but no the lack of ideas”, says Teresa. From Iproteos we hope that the actual situation will change in the coming years, and more biotech companies will emerge, taking profit of the rich scientific knowledge we have acquired. If you want to read the full interview in Spanish, please click on the next link: 141126_La Vanguardia_Teresa Tarrago_Nature vs Emprender