Innovation on the fight against schizophrenia, by La Vanguardia

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Last 28th of January, an article by Joaquim Elcacho about the innovation performed at Iproteos was published in La Vanguardia Newspaper. La Vanguardia is one of the most relevant national newspapers.

The article highlights the prize Iproteos received as the best innovative company, the “Senén Vilaró” award, which is an annual prize given by the Consell Social de la Universitat de Barcelona (Board of Trustees of Barcelona University) and the Fundació Bosch i Gimpera (Bosch i Gimpera Foundation).

The piece of news goes on to describe the research activity performed at Iproteos and the main accomplishments that the company has achieved. Teresa Tarragó, CEO of Iproteos, points up in the article that Iproteos was created to bring the scientific knowledge from Academia to the society, through innovative drugs.

The efficient Iproteos’ technology to create therapeutic drugs is underlined, and the article specifies that one of the most innovative characteristic of these drugs is their capacity to cross the Blood Brain Barrier and enter into the cells.

The piece of news makes special mention to the publication in European Neuropsychopharmacology of Iproteos in collaboration with the group of Prof. Javier Meana, from the University of Basque Country and CIBERSAM, and Prof. Giralt, from IRB Barcelona. The research article described the efficacy of Iproteos’ main candidate, IPR-166, for the treatment of Cognitive Impairment Associated to Schizophrenia (CIAS) in mouse models.

The author finishes the article by outlining the drug development process of Iproteos’ CIAS candidate and the economic support that the company has received.

More information at La Vanguardia.

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