Angewandte Paper - Roger Prades and Ernest Giralt

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Roger Prades, Iproteos CSO, is the first author of an article published this January at Angewandte Chemie reporting a novel peptide capable of overcoming the blood-brain barrier. The work has been possible through the collaboration of a team composed by scientists at IRB Barcelona, RCSI, ISD, INA and UB. The BBB-shuttle is a retro-enantio peptide that is protease-resistant, non-toxic and has the ability of transporting cargos of distinct sizes and types across this barrier. It targets the transferrin receptor but it does not compete with transferrin. Therefore, the peptide reported by Dr. Prades is a candidate to be applied in clinical treatment of CNS disorders. From here, we congratulate all the team for their thorough and complete work.

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